Cheapest Fuel

Picture of petrol station for Cheapest Fuel

There are actually quite a few ways you can cut your monthly car spending, and finding the cheapest fuel is certainly one.

After your mortgage/rent and food shopping, car running costs are likely to be one of your biggest monthly spending commitments. So anything you can do to cut costs and put this money into savings will have a major long term benefit on your future wealth.

Fuel is certainly the more regular expense when it comes to running a car, but before we discuss how best to find the cheapest petrol there are some other ways you can save money.

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A Review Of Plum

A Review of plum with a picture of plums

I’ve been using Plum for about a month now and have explored the features they offer.

For this review I wanted to really get to the heart of what Plum were all about. I’ve spoken to people who work for Plum and also their users. I wanted to know what they are trying to do and how you could benefit from using them.

Let’s dive straight in.

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How To Save When You Don’t Have Any Money

A picture of how to save

Do you struggle to know how to save?

Do you feel like you need every last penny you earn just to get through the month? There’s never anything left over for saving?

Or are you in debt and having to pay this off first before you even think about saving?

Well even when you think it’s impossible to save there could be a way.

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