6 Great Monzo Features You Might Not Be Using

Picture of Monzo card for Monzo Features

So you’ve got the bright red/orange card and all your friends are asking you about Monzo, but are you using all the Monzo features that you could be?

If you are unsure about who Monzo are let me briefly explain.

Monzo are one of a handful of new mobile current account providers. Monzo is basically a bank but nothing like a traditional high street bank.

For a start there are no branches. You open up and use the account via their app and it’s the Monzo features that set them apart from the old fashioned, technically out of date banks.

The real-time transaction notifications, the categorisation of your spending, the ability to freeze and unfreeze your card immediately via the app, are all great Monzo features.

But here are a few other Monzo features you might not be so familiar with but that you may find very handy.

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Where To Start With Money

Picture of runner starting for where to start with money

Is now the time you want to get on top of your money but you don’t know where to start with money?

Whilst everyone’s circumstances are different, the building blocks for money success are the same for everybody.

It’s all about getting control over your money so it doesn’t control you!

The good news is, there are now technology solutions that make this easier than ever.

Here are the 5 elements and accompanying tech that will ensure you will be a success with your money.

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Which Challenger Banks Are Paying Interest?

Picture of calculator for challenging banks

If you don’t yet know what a challenger bank is then the clue is in the name. It’s a bank that is challenging the status quo and taking on the old established banks.

There are many benefits of using a challenger bank and choosing a mobile current account.

The characteristics of a challenger bank are usually as follows:

  • They are online only, no physical branches.
  • They use technology to be far more efficient e.g. you can open an account in seconds on your phone.
  • You don’t really ever need to speak to a human.
  • Much more interactivity and data on your spending and savings habits.

Whilst there are a few challenger banks like Metro Bank who do still have physical branches, I am going to focus on 3 of the most popular online only banks in this article. Starling, Monzo and Revolut.

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How To Avoid Foreign Currency Fees Whilst On Holiday

Foreign Currency

As the holiday season approaches (why do us Brits always go away in search of the sun when it’s our summer by the way?!) you may be thinking of ordering your foreign currency ready to spend in the destination of your choice.  

But did you know that you could actually be paying far more in currency exchange fees by ordering and taking physical cash?

Who carries much physical cash nowadays? I know I certainly don’t.

So why should it be any different when you go abroad? Let me explain how, by using the right debit card with the right bank, can save you a fortune on currency fees. Continue reading “How To Avoid Foreign Currency Fees Whilst On Holiday”