Apple Pay Rules

Picture of a person using Apple Pay

Did you know that it’s been nearly 3 and half years since Apple Pay was launched in the UK?!

If you’ve been living under a rock these last few years and don’t know what Apple Pay is, it’s a way of paying for things using your Apple iPhone rather than a contactless credit or debit card.

Don’t worry Google and Android users. I’m going to be talking about Google Pay and Android Pay next week!

If you are an Apple user and have used Apple Pay you may be comfortable knowing how it works and how you can use it. But there may still be a few benefits and features of Apple Pay that you haven’t considered.

Here are the facts.

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Pocket money app

Pocket money app

Whilst browsing through the App Store on my iPhone the other day I came across a feature for a pocket money app. It had the headline ‘The new bank of mum and dad’ and it got my attention as being a fairly new father myself, I am often thinking of the best ways to teach my daughter about money in the future.

The start of January is an interesting time to be thinking about getting our children into good money habits. Even though we as adults might be feeling fairly poor after all the Christmas spending, children might be rolling in £10 and £20 notes from family!  

When it comes to teaching our children about money, nowadays the notepad and calculator probably isn’t going to cut it. Children seem to be getting smartphones earlier and earlier and are probably already better than you and I at using them!

So now could be the time to combine teaching and technology using a pocket money app.  

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