Cheapest Fuel

Picture of petrol station for Cheapest Fuel

There are actually quite a few ways you can cut your monthly car spending, and finding the cheapest fuel is certainly one.

After your mortgage/rent and food shopping, car running costs are likely to be one of your biggest monthly spending commitments. So anything you can do to cut costs and put this money into savings will have a major long term benefit on your future wealth.

Fuel is certainly the more regular expense when it comes to running a car, but before we discuss how best to find the cheapest petrol there are some other ways you can save money.

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Where To Start With Money

Picture of runner starting for where to start with money

Is now the time you want to get on top of your money but you don’t know where to start with money?

Whilst everyone’s circumstances are different, the building blocks for money success are the same for everybody.

It’s all about getting control over your money so it doesn’t control you!

The good news is, there are now technology solutions that make this easier than ever.

Here are the 5 elements and accompanying tech that will ensure you will be a success with your money.

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5 Cashback/Voucher/Reward Sites You May Not Know About

A picture using Cashback/Voucher/Reward Sites

Nowadays if you are buying something, you never need to accept the first price that is offered. Why? Because there are a number of ways to get a reduced price or receive money back after purchase.

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Bulb Is Finally An Energy Company That Is Great

Picture of a energy bulb

There can be terrible customer service from the usual well-known energy suppliers, and then there’s Bulb!

Question: have you ever enjoyed dealing with an energy company?

Well you might just with this one.

I came across an article about the top 100 UK start-ups a little while ago. This is a list devised by and is a great way to find out about the exciting companies of the future.

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