Google Pay Rules

Picture of phone with Google Pay Rules

Last week we looked at the rules for Apple Pay so this week it’s time for Google Pay.

Google Pay actually comes from the merger of Android Pay and Google Wallet, and will be available to most people using a smartphone that runs the Android operating system. Therefore it is available on a larger variety of phones than Apple Pay.

In terms of the features of Google Pay, they are very similar to what is offered by Apple Pay including:

  • Making contactless payments over £30.
  • Security. Card details are encrypted and never shared with retailers.
  • You still get all the protections that come with using a credit card e.g. section 75.

If you’re a fan of Google’s Chrome browser then you can link your Google Pay account with your browser and use it to buy things online without using your phone.

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Apple Pay Rules

Picture of a person using Apple Pay

Did you know that it’s been nearly 3 and half years since Apple Pay was launched in the UK?!

If you’ve been living under a rock these last few years and don’t know what Apple Pay is, it’s a way of paying for things using your Apple iPhone rather than a contactless credit or debit card.

Don’t worry Google and Android users. I’m going to be talking about Google Pay and Android Pay next week!

If you are an Apple user and have used Apple Pay you may be comfortable knowing how it works and how you can use it. But there may still be a few benefits and features of Apple Pay that you haven’t considered.

Here are the facts.

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Best Buy Savings Tables

Picture of the Best Buy Savings Tables

For any cash saver it’s always a good idea to check the best buy savings tables.

If you want to get your savings working harder, you need to be earning the best rate of interest you can under the circumstances that suit you.

As I’ve mentioned before, saving money into cash savings accounts is the first place to start on the road to building wealth. Ideally you need around 6 months worth of your monthly spending saved into easy access cash, to act as an emergency/freedom fund to deal with life’s emergencies.

Cash savings are also best for shorter term savings goals like saving for a house deposit, a new car or holiday.

Investing into things like the stock market should be left for longer term wealth building.

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6 Great Monzo Features You Might Not Be Using

Picture of Monzo card for Monzo Features

So you’ve got the bright red/orange card and all your friends are asking you about Monzo, but are you using all the Monzo features that you could be?

If you are unsure about who Monzo are let me briefly explain.

Monzo are one of a handful of new mobile current account providers. Monzo is basically a bank but nothing like a traditional high street bank.

For a start there are no branches. You open up and use the account via their app and it’s the Monzo features that set them apart from the old fashioned, technically out of date banks.

The real-time transaction notifications, the categorisation of your spending, the ability to freeze and unfreeze your card immediately via the app, are all great Monzo features.

But here are a few other Monzo features you might not be so familiar with but that you may find very handy.

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