Google Pay Rules

Picture of phone with Google Pay Rules

Last week we looked at the rules for Apple Pay so this week it’s time for Google Pay.

Google Pay actually comes from the merger of Android Pay and Google Wallet, and will be available to most people using a smartphone that runs the Android operating system. Therefore it is available on a larger variety of phones than Apple Pay.

In terms of the features of Google Pay, they are very similar to what is offered by Apple Pay including:

  • Making contactless payments over £30.
  • Security. Card details are encrypted and never shared with retailers.
  • You still get all the protections that come with using a credit card e.g. section 75.

If you’re a fan of Google’s Chrome browser then you can link your Google Pay account with your browser and use it to buy things online without using your phone.

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Apple Pay Rules

Picture of a person using Apple Pay

Did you know that it’s been nearly 3 and half years since Apple Pay was launched in the UK?!

If you’ve been living under a rock these last few years and don’t know what Apple Pay is, it’s a way of paying for things using your Apple iPhone rather than a contactless credit or debit card.

Don’t worry Google and Android users. I’m going to be talking about Google Pay and Android Pay next week!

If you are an Apple user and have used Apple Pay you may be comfortable knowing how it works and how you can use it. But there may still be a few benefits and features of Apple Pay that you haven’t considered.

Here are the facts.

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Why You Need A Will

Picture of a signed document to show you need a will

You may think having a Will is only for the rich but if you’re 18 or over there’s a good chance you need a Will. Without a Will whatever you own could be left to people you didn’t intend to leave it to.

So firstly what actually is a Will?

Well, it’s a legally binding document that outlines your wishes for what you want to happen to all the stuff that you own once you die.

For example, say you had a rare collection of Michael Jackson vinyl records and you wanted to leave them to your best mate. You can state who you want to leave them to in your Will and it will be legally binding. Without a Will the Michael Jackson records could be left with your next of kin.

The same goes for your house, your car and your money.

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Cheapest Fuel

Picture of petrol station for Cheapest Fuel

There are actually quite a few ways you can cut your monthly car spending, and finding the cheapest fuel is certainly one.

After your mortgage/rent and food shopping, car running costs are likely to be one of your biggest monthly spending commitments. So anything you can do to cut costs and put this money into savings will have a major long term benefit on your future wealth.

Fuel is certainly the more regular expense when it comes to running a car, but before we discuss how best to find the cheapest petrol there are some other ways you can save money.

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